Rosary Repair

Broken Rosary

Old & Broken Rosary? A lot of people have old rosaries in their drawers, broken, sitting there, not being used. The whole idea is to get them out and put into service.

If you have a rosary with sentimental value that is broken, do talk to me and see if I can repair or transform it for you. I am sometimes able to "save" rosaries needing minor repair work such as fixing broken links or replacing a missing medal or crucifix. On rare occasion I may even have beads in my bead box that will match the missing beads on your rosary. Please remember that Rosaries that can not be repaired and made whole can still serve a purpose. They can be taken apart and reassembled into fine chaplets, single decade, or pocket rosaries.

If you have extra old or broken rosaries, please sent it to Crown of Roses. Repaired rosaries will be given out to those who can't afford to buy rosary for their family members during our donation projects.

I do not charge for Rosary Repairs as Our Rosary Repair Service is a labor of love. However, I will ask for you to pay for all parts needed and shipping Costs both ways.

For those residing around Kota Kinabalu, Penampang or nearby - please call me at 016-8032133 or +60168032133 for colection of your Rosary. For those from outstation, you can sent your Rosary to CROWN OF ROSES, P O Box 21228, Luyang, 88769 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. c/o Judy Stephen Mingkong. Add me on facebook

Repaired (Good as new)

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